Sunday, December 9, 2012

GT's Enlightened: Mystic Mango

Tasted on a Sunday afternoon. While watching a presentation by Sandor Katz. Check it out:
Snifter Served.

Appearance: This drink takes on many different appearances depending on how it is served. Allow it to settle in the bottle, and it is a raw honey yellow color with some transparency. Shake it up and serve and you get a drink highly reminiscent of a Mango Lassi on might get on Devon Ave in Chicago, with a huge oily/radioactive turbidity and color. Finally, once that begins to settle, you may find yourself looking at a fine division between liquid and fine particle on the surface. No head or carbonation.
Aroma: This is the place where the kombucha funk is most prominent here. Notes of mango are to follow with a nice tropical spice. Relatively uncomplicated here.
Taste: The front is relatively uneventful, while the mango takes stage with a fresh but unsweetened flavor. When I usually taste lasso it has a sugary backbone to uphold this tropical fruit, but here, since a lot of that mango sugars had been fermented out, you are left with a residual dryness that contributes to the mangos refreshing flavor. The mango dominates over much of the kombucha flavors. Overall, I don't think the mango pairs best with the kombucha.
Mouthfeel: That top layer that I mentioned above consisted of a gritty dense film of mango particles maintaining a very dry mango skin texture that coated the teeth
Overall Impression: Not my favorite of the line-up. When I taste mango, I expect it to be robustly sweet (perhaps from growing up with lassis') But I think the kombucha took away from that and added a strange flavor combination.

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