Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ranch Double IPA

This is the first beer in a long time I've reviewed from 8th St. Grille in a long time. Served in their new Omni glasses with a slanted rim. Enjoyed Sunday afternoon at their pub while researching Foudres.
9.0% ABV

Appearance: Glimmering and brightly golden. The head is a soft densely bubbled film across the surface. Very little retention and stature. Consistent and uniformed carbonation rises in single file to the surface of the beer.
Aroma: Piney, grapefruit and a tremendous amount of tropical elements that perfume from the glass. It's something you can keep going back to and it doesn't lose its strength and aroma.
Taste: An enormous juicy hop element is central to this beer. The pinnacle of pineapple and melon with a grapefruit rind, bittered finish. The start maintains enough of a sweetness for the hop complexities to ride on and to further encourage a tropical character. As the beer warms, the beer develops somewhat of a sweet honey flavor to constitute the base.
Mouthfeel: Fine carbonation and a formidable body that lightly fizz the tongue as the liquid goes down. The finish is left very resined and piney, leaving the bitterness on the palate long after the beer has left the mouth.
Overall Impression: Ultimately this beer has the fresh character from late addition west coast hops but incorporates a balance of sweetness and bittering early addition to complete a fantastically quaffable, tropical profile. I'd come back to this any day.

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