Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

Special thanks to Jeremy Hoffman and Adam Slaker for bringing this brew back as part of a taster 6-pack from Maine.  Tasted after finishing Sunday chores and to pass the time while Tim was out for his Sunday long run.

Appearance:  Poured with a 1 inch thick, frothy, off-white head that settled down to retain a 1/4 inch thick appearance.  Very hazy, vibrant amber color with a ruby-red tint; bottom of the glass is flaked with yeast particles that have settled out.
Aroma:  Very light aroma of a malted wheat backbone accentuated by slight smell of sweet blueberries.  Aerating the brew allows for more of the blueberry aroma to permeate.  Hint of sourness, possibly due to lactobacillus.
Taste:  Carbonation is so strong on the first pour, it actually inhibits the flavors from coming through and on first sips, nearly burning/spiking the tongue. At this point one could only pick out metallic and soapy flavors.  Tim solved this problem by decanting the beer into another glass which aerated the brew and lessened the stinging carbonation.  This brought out the flavors of mildly sweet blueberries, followed by a slight sourness caused by lactic acid, probably due to a build-up in lactobacillus from sitting in our fridge a bit too long.  Finishes with a slightly bitter, earthy hop aftertaste, complemented by the blueberries
Mouthfeel:  Upon first pour, the carbonation actually stings the tongue. Far overwhelming for enjoyment. Once lessened, the carbonation is moderate, making it a medium bodied, crisp ale.
Overall Impression:  In all fairness, this beer would be better if consumed closer to the bottled date unless you are a fan of sour ales.  Not a beer that stores well.

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